My present

I’ve always had a big interest in technology, and more exactly, software design. I still do, and I’m starting to learn more about Linux and no-code tools such as Carrd, which is what this website is based on, and learning more about SSL and DNS every day.

I enjoy designing logos too, which I have a portfolio of on this website.

Recently, I have begun having a bigger interest in national infrastructure, and more exactly, the rail network. Obviously, Kent has one of the best rail networks in the country and Northamptonshire (where I live now) has one of the worst.

I wanted to change this, so I started a campaign to reinstate a railway station in a village called Weedon, just outside Daventry.

Daventry is one of the largest towns in the country without a rail link, at a population of 25,000, and this new station would act as a parkway station.

I’ve now also formed a not-for-profit (not officially registered yet) called Sustainable Transport Holdings, which owns the rest of my projects such as a new railway line linking the towns of Northampton, Royal Leamington Spa and Banbury together.

I’ve also started to get interested in the UK council structure and how three-tier/unitary/combined authorities work and what the difference is etc.

I’m certainly new to it, but the new unitary authorities in Northamptonshire certainly played a part in making me interested.